MAC in MACYS new hiring policy


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So i recently reached out to the MAC counter at my MACYS since i want to work there and the manager is so nice and told me first i have to apply through macys through beauty advisor online. A few days later i got an email from MACYS saying they want to interview me tmrw. I called the manager at MAC and she said perfect, once MACYS gives them the ok, then the MAC counter will call me back. I always though MAC hired themselves but she said its a new policy maybe just in NY? also can u give me advice to ace my interview?


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Not sure, I just got hired as a freelancer in NJ and everything was through the MAC counter since they are a leased retailer (they pay macys for the space).


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That's weird, I worked at a MAC in NY and we didn't do it that way- and I just left very recently. It should have nothing to do with Macy's since you wont be a Macy's employee- just MAC.

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