MAC In The Spotlight Collection


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Yeah Beaming Blush is the one with the gold payoff and Show Gold is the pink payoff you think it would be the other way around as Beaming Blush suits the Show Gold name!

I'm all for Double Gleam as that's the white/silver payoff I've seen... thought that would've been called Soft Frost haha!


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I bought all 4 highlighters, all the swatch pics are nice but I felt like I really need to see each of these in action on the face to figure out which ones actually suit me best. Also the texture of soft frost and double gleam look to be way smoother than Show Gold and Beaming Blush.....

akso bought the red red and peach strobe cream!

I have barely been been interested in MAC launches this past year so it's kind of fun to just throw down for this one ;)


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Ugh- Why does MAC do this to me? Sometimes the collections are so boring and then they go and launch several good ones in a row. I'm going to be living on bread, water and air for the next couple of weeks!