MAC Items Being Discontinued in 2016


Kid and Mystery? WHY??? :( Mystery is such a nice cool chocolate shade.:plthumbsdown:

Does anyone know anything about Nymphette lipglass? I heard some rumors about it being discontinued, I hope it is not true, it is one of my faves. And I think it is selling really well... It is quite a popular shade. :hmm:
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They discontinued the sized to go pigments and didn't put them on the Goodbyes list. Now most of them are gone.


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Thanks for all the info girls!

I am sad to hear that the size to go pigments are getting discontinued. They were the perfect size for me as I don't use them that regularly and perfect to travel as well!


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Fluidline - even blacktrack being discontinued.
Just curious where did you find this out from? I'm asking only because I was on the Goodbyes and only 6 Fluidlines (and Guo Pei's) were listed but Blacktrack was not there. Of course I can only speak for the U.S. site lol


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Ugh I didn't even know that about folie , and thats one of my favorites to smoke out on the lower lashline. I checked the site and there's only the potted form :/


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I bought Mystery last night. I've never used the shade before but it looks like it will be great to deepen the outer V. If I really like it, I'll purchase another, hopefully before it is sold out on MAC's website.


Does anyone know if the Mineralize Compact foundation is being DC'd? On the Canadian site there are only 10 shades to choose from atm, and one of them (NC25) has the triangle of death beside it.

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