MAC lipstick haul


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I went nuts for the new lipsticks (although i know that they are gonna be perm...but stilli can't resist buying new lippies when they are just launched)

Hellebore and Ambrosial Liptensity lipsticks

Blue beat and Driftwood liptensity lipsticks

Burnt violet liptensity lipstick

MAC Dew and Lazy lullaby lipstick

MAC model behavior and Designer blue lipsticks

MAC Deep rooted and Really Me lipsticks


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would you mind swatching really me next to driftwood? I'm still not sure which one of them I should go for

Vaishali Yadav

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[MENTION=101465]leonah[/MENTION] I agree with you, I always get confused and swatches helps me to fix my mindset to purchase particular one. [MENTION=12716]geeko[/MENTION] even i ll be waiting for your swatch post.