MAC Lipstick Swatches


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Re: **Red lipstick and gloss swatches**

Just thought I'd add some l/s swatches from Besame cosmetics. You can't tell from the picture but CQ2 #150 (drugstore brand) is an exact match for Besame red. I took these pics in natural daylight so the first two swatches on top have a bit of a glare from the sun.

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Hope this will be useful to some of you guys & gals! Swatches of my mini-MAC lipstick collection ^___^

MAC lipsticks:
Thrills, Pink Cabana, Flowerplay, Powerhouse, Port Red, Queen's Sin
Plink!, Melrose Mood, Snob, Lovelorn, Creme de la Femme, Sweetie
Pink Maribu, Too Fab, Rocking Chick, Fun 'n Sexy, Pomposity, Full Blown, Viva Glam VI

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A few more:

New York Apple, Fresh Moroccan, Sci Fidelity, Sunsonic, Astral, Electro.

Fresh Moroccan looks a lot like Sci fidelity in my opinion, which you can't really see due to poor lighting in this photo. (sorry!)


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Thought I would share the addiction ... hope this enables someone! All swatches done on NC20 skin (excuse the messiness of some of them)



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My small contribution to this post

The swatches are done on NW20 skin:

Creme d' Nude


Myth + C-Thru lipglass


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A few from me, on NW20 skin and highly pigmented lips.

Blankety (a)
Modesty (c)
Angel (f)
Up the amp (a)



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here are some of mine

some of these have this weird blue cast coming over the pic, it's making the color look more purple on some of them


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Re: The NEW official Specktra swatch thread!

my lipstick swatches hope this helps

TtoB :4n,3n,Fanfare,Utterly Frivolous,Ravishing,Arist0-Chic

TtoB: Hollywood Nights,Blueblood,Stroke of Lust,Rocking Chick,Strawbaby,Pomposity

TtoB : Not so Innocent, Electro

TtoB: Red she said, So scarlet


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Fashion Mews l/s + Foolishly Fab plushglass

Angel l/s + Nice Kitty l/g

Fashion Mews l/s + Melrose Mood l/s

Lollipop Loving l/s + Baby Sparks d/g

Out To Shock l/s + Sugar Trance l/g


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I know this doesn't really help, but for the life of me can't remember what lipstick this is! It's either Creme d'nude, 3N or blankety. I'm going to go with Creme d'nude, with gloss on top.