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MAC MA Tip: 168 to apply foundation


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I have been meaning to share this tip for a while now after seeing another MAC MA (who is part of the Events Team) use the 168 blush / contouring brush to apply liquid foundation!

Genius! She came down to our counter to work with is for the day as a treat for hitting our bonus and we all learnt so much from her (select moisturecover concealer used as a foundation = stunning).

The best tip being this (168), so if you use it slowly work the foundation into the skin by holding the brush as high as poss and with light circular motions blending the liquid. The density of the bristles will mean the foundation blends quickly and flawlessly without any brush streaks (commonly seen with the 190 brush) and give that genuine 'airbrushed' finish.

The angled shape of the brush will glide across the facial contours making it even easier to use (than perhaps the 109 which I know is also another fave).

The best thing for MAs is that you can then use the same brush to apply powder and then the blush and highlighter. One brush will do it all so great if your super busy or dont have that many brushes.
It also feels a lot better on the skin than the 190! Customers/clients will love you!

Try it and lemme know how you guys feel about it?


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Will try this and post results on my old skin
... I have found the goat hair brushes do work really well when stippling.
ooh i shall keep this in mind when i get a 168 brush.. i've been meaning to get it for a long time but i always end up convincing myself i dont need it