MAC Me Over Contest


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Have you heard about the contest?

Here's the website that'll open on November 15th and the contest runs til December 20th:

Is anybody from Specktra going enter MAC Me Over Contest? I certainly do hope so! The idea is to find a face for MAC's fall 2011 collection and I'd love to see somebody from Specktra being that face! I can't think of anyone who could represent MAC better than a Specktraette. Apparently you submit a photo or a video to the site but I guess more information will be revealed when the site opens.

Too bad it's only available in US but who knows if they'll expand the contest in the future?


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yeah i saw! what a fabulous idea! i'm super bummed it's just in the states though! i'd love to enter!


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It sucks that Canadians can't enter. MAC started in Canada so this kind of sucks. Good luck to whoever enters!!

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