MAC mineralized eyeshadows


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^^There's two of 'em...Lemme see if I can 'member the rest....Descrips. are my own

Illusionary/Burning Ambition=Not sure about this one, ladies??

Heat/Element=Coppery Rust Red/Goldish (beautiful)

Persona/Screen Vinyl=Black/White

Now, my descrips. don't do these products NEAR justice..but that's it in a nutshell...I just wanna say that these are GREAT...the color is wonderful, texture is great, and they're very "blendable"...Hope I was of some help!


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These are the descriptions from Mac

Illusionary/Burning Ambition : White gold with gold pearl/Earth brown with soft gold pearl

Heat/Element : Rich yellow gold/Rusty red brown

Persona/Screen Vinyl : White with silver pearl/Charcoal grey with silver pearl

Bright Side/Gallery Gal : Champagne gold/Smoked olive green

Interview/Purple-X : Rose pink/Blackened mauve with pink

EdiT*These are the 5 that came out in the A Muse Collection


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where there some others aswell
like noble? tres teal? aristocat? sommet like that, they wrnt duos and had numbers on em also

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