Mac Moth Brown Dupe


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I'm looking to find a dupe for Moth Brown. I've looked around the site for other threads, and a lot of them seem to be older; wondering if anyone may have stumbled across a better dupe lately? High-end or drug store... doesn't matter to me :)



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I bought Ulta's "Twilight" eyeshadow last year because I heard it was a dupe of Moth Brown. From the comparison swatches I've seen, it's not an EXACT dupe but it's definitely in the neighborhood, enough so that I'm content with it.


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Second Chanel Taupe Gris. I have both and they are close enough. Though they are close, I still had to get a backup of moth brown.


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by searching the internet I have not found a lot of dupes. it's a shame because the color is beautiful


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Check out Jane Slate! The undertone of Slate is definitely a warmer brown and less purple. Still, they are close cousins and they have the same beautiful sheen. Even if it's not a perfect dupe, it is beautiful in its own right.