MAC mua interview tomorrow: help!!!?? (1 on 1 + makeup application test)


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Hey everyone! :)

So I have my MAC interview tomorrow, which I am totally excited and stressed out for! I was wondering if any of you could give me any tips on what to expect from the 1 on 1 interview with the interviewer, like what sorts of questions they'll be asking and what I should be prepared to answer?!

And of course, any tips about the 30 mins makeup application test? I have to say I am mostly nervous about that part!!! I cannot stress how stressful it will be for me to complete a full face in 30 mins with the pressure of people looking over my shoulder, but nonetheless I cannot wait! Does anybody have tips for me when it comes to the makeup? What is the safe and easy way to go? What look do they expect? Do they want bold or do they want simple? Should I focus on one part more than another? What products should I use specifically!!? What steps should I skip? What is something I should definitely not forget to do during the makeup application, before or even after? ANYTHING would be helpful at this point! I would really appreciate any kind of feedback, whether you work with MAC, have been interviewed for MAC, or anything else! I know this is so last minute but I'm sure some of you will see this before my interview tomorrow afternoon!

THANK YOU in advance <3 !!! Wish me luck :$ This is my ultimate dream job and would love more than anything than to NAIL it. I don't have any professional certification for makeup but I am a freelance MUA and have been working at a beauty counter for over 3 years now! I got a alot of experience, I just hope i'm good enough for MAC and won't crumble under the pressure :(
I'd say focus on the eyes and brows because those will take the most time and make the face. Everything else can easily be blended to your liking.

Regarding your interview, be confident. If you know you're good you'll nail it. Good luck.


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It went absolutely great, thanks for asking!! I was hired as a seasonal MAC MUA but i will definitely be able to stay in the company after my contract ends, by applying for another contract or by applying for a permanent position! I went about applying online! And got a call a few days later!!