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Place all your Peacocky swatches and product photographs in this thread - please ensure that your images are clear, in focus and as colour-accurate as possible! For the sake of clarity, I ask that official product images and swatches (those that you would find on a mailer postcard, sourced from MAC or posted on the official MAC website) are not posted in this thread.
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Thank you, paparazziboy!

strut your stuff
exx hibitionist
love peck
temper tantra
vanity fair
scan delcious

pea cocky
woo me
en chantee
so vain
flaunting it

noir plum
tweet me
top of the posh
mating call

center stage

peek -at- you
sex- pectations
spectacle of yourself

i have these two swatches on m skin cause i got them both in my gratis so i did them at home
they are strut your stuff kissable lip color and peek-at-you mega metal shadow



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Dalliance and Centre Stage Shadows

Top to Bottom Lip Colours: Peacocky, Super, Exxxhibitionist, Flaunting It, Vanity Fair

Comparison Maui Wowie (Urban Decay) vs Dalliance
Super vs Touch, Pink Nouveau vs Vanity Fair

Dalliance, Centre Stage

Flaunting It, Exxxhibitionist, Super, Peacocky, Vanity Fair



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Ok. Here are the colors swatched on nc45 skin:


Left to Right
Top row: Papparazz-she, Unflappable, Centre Stage, Tweet-me, Spectacle of Yourself, Sex-pectations, Odalisque
Bottom row: Smut, 100 Strokes, Melon pigment, Antiqued, Cranberry, Birds & Berries

Left to Right
Top of the Posh, Dalliance, Prance, Peek at You, Ego(kind of above and not in line with the colors), Teal pigment(below Ego)

Left to Right
Top row: Noir Plum, Top of the Posh, Dalliance, Prance, Peek at You, Ego, Teal
Bottom row: Mating Call, Dandizette

Peacocky Lipcolour with Royal Hue shadestick(d/c) and Auto-de-blu technakohl liner


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No primers NC20ish skin. Swatched w/ one swipe only.

Scandelicious (R) and Love Peck (L) (swatched in natural light)

Dalliance (swatched in natural light)

Centre Stage

Spectacle of Yourself. MY FAVE so far!


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