MAC: perfume?


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You are selling MAC, so it would only seem right to wear all of their products.


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Originally Posted by Bernadette
Wow, I had never thought of this. It kinda makes me sad.

Why does it make you sad???

Originally Posted by calbear
AND boy can we tell when someone is not wearing one.

That made me laugh!

Honestly, I have a few other fragrances I love a lot, but I really do love my MV3. I was really hoping it was part of the dress code. It would only make sense!


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It makes me sad because I'm addicted to my signature scent and don't like to wer anything else. Plus I don't think there is a MAC perfume that I really like or want to wear
PLUS I have asthma so sometimes it's hard for me to find scents that don't aggrivate it.


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They never told me that and the lil booklet guideline they gave me for freelancing didn't say nething about that. I wonder if it just doesn't matter in my region. I know they said that if I wear any color nail polish besides french tips ... I have to use MAC nail polish.

But then again they told me I don't need to bring my own brushes as a freelancer ... which I know in some regions freelancers have to bring their own brushes. So does it vary from region to region? Or is it that since I'm a freelancer it doesn't matter much to me?


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The fragrances all give me a headache... most commercial fragrances do... I think the motivation is "Hey, that's a great scent! Where can I buy it?" and you can conveniently say "Why, it's Turquatic and it's right here!"... but because I'm so sensitive to fragrance I just don't like to wear it when I'm working on people in case it bugs them, too. If I MUST, I limit it to the back of my neck and don't put anything on my wrists. I've never been "busted" - but I think it came in because everyone I worked with for a while there smelled significantly like Calvin Klien Euphoria... to the point where the whole counter just reeked of it.


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yeah it's in the employee dress code that we all just had to sign when they changed the code regarding what jewelry we can wear.


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Technically yes, the perfume and nailpolish should be MAC, but depending on your manager it can be a gray area.

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