MAC please me l/s- question! :)


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I can't really do a search on "please me" l/s because it tells me the terms are too short or something

Anyways, anyone who has this- do you like it? And if anyone could suggest same shade in a different finish?


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I have it, and I don't like it. My lips are pigmented and dark and it changes the color, so it's really unflattering on me.

I look best in warmer colors, or bright cool ones, so that's probably why, but swatched on my hand it looks nice. Too bad I don't wear it on my hand

But if you look nice in cool milky pinks, this will be fabulous on you.

Shadowy Lady

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well, I have and love Please Me. I personally prefer mattes but if you would like a different finish you could try layering Please Me with a glaze lipstick like Bubbles (if you can still find it)

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