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hey everyone! i was wondering if any of you knew the mac prices in the philippines? also are the stores freestanding or a part of another store.. and if i had a pro card, would they accept it? thanks.



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MAC is exclusively distributed here in the Philippines by Rustan's. Two of their branches are available in Glorietta Mall and Shangri-la. The first is inside a mall, across Rustan's Department Store while the later has MAC inside the d/s. Marionnaud in Mall of Asia (the Sephora of UK, I heard) also has MAC. So that's three branches.

Price difference is about 25% more than what MAC has on their website. Sad huh? What's worse is that they don't accept MAC PRO per my MA friend from Canada.


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Here are some of the MAC prices I know in Manila:

Eyeshadows: P800
Mineral Eyeshadows: P950
Paint Pots: P1,100
MSF: P1,500
Lipstick: P900
Lipglass,etc: P870
Eyeliner: P850
Blush: P1,200
Studio Fix Powder Foundation: P1,500
Studio Fix Liquid Foundation: P1,500
Pigments: P1,100
Novel Twist e/s palette: P2,650
Novel Twist lip palette: P1,500
Brushes: ranging from P1,000-P3,000


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Wow, last I bought MAC in Manila, it was only P850 a pop for Lip Glass... It's getting really expensive nowadays I guess, though I don't know if anything will be more expensive than make-up prices in Singapore.


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would you know how much MSF duo is?

the freakin mac SA's in glorietta ticked me off... i just stormed outta the store


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janwa09 (or anybody else) do you know how much the 182 or 187 brush is?
i'm trying to work out whether it will be cheaper for me to buy in philippines or duty free australia


Originally Posted by Pinayfrench
Are the stores updated with the new collections?

as far as i know, thry arrive a month late.. but as long as it arrives, im good!

if you befriend the mac makeup artist, she/he will inform you as soon as stocks arrive,,


Can anyone please give an updated price of MAC cosmetics? My family is going to Philippines for a visit and just wondering if the price there is better.



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Prices at the malls are much more expensive, around 30% higher than US retail. I recommend you to buy MAC from the Duty Free store as it is much cheaper there. :)

If you still need it, here's an old list of the mall prices (might not be complete/updated)

Blot Powder - P1,200
Blush (Regular) - P1,200
Brush Cleanser - P600
Eyeshadow (Singles) - P870
Fix+ - P850
Fluidlines - P1,100
Lipglass - P900
Lipliner - P900
Lipstick - P950
MSF - P1,680
Nail Polish - P610
Paintpots - P1,100
Prep + Prime Lip - P1,000
Pro Palette (Eyeshadow) - P735
Select Cover Up Concealer - P900
Studio Fix Fluid - P1,650
Studio Fix Powder - P1,600
Studio Sculpt Concealer - P950
Studio Sculpt Foundation - P1,950
Tinted Lip Conditioner - P850

129 - P2,100
150 - P2,550
168 - P1,800
182 - P2,500
187 - P3,095
188 - P1,950
208 - P1,250
209 - P1,250
217 - P1,000
226 - P1,450
227 - P1,950
239 - P1,450
263 - P1,250

Hope this helped!

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Good morning! Just would like to ask if you have updated price list (as of 2012) of MAC products in the malls? Urgent reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much and God bless always! :)


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Mac outlets in manila
-Glorietta, Makati across Rustans
-Shangri La EDSA, , in Rustans
-Trinoma (near gift gate)
-MOA (they recently renovated ^^)

Personally, great makeup artists at MAC Shangrila; and very helpful
The ones in Trinoma are friendly as well

Last i checked,
Lipstick 1000
Prolongwear lip creme 1100
eye shadow 900
eyekohl 950
studiofix powder plus foundation 1700
studiofinish concealer 1000
mineralize skin finish powder 1750
Lightful powder refill 2350 (T.T so expensive, but its longlasting, at most i need a refill every 2 years :D haha)


All I can say is ladies, buy your MAC directly at a MAC counter!
Never online.

At Multiply Philippines (online selling site like eBay), I encountered this makeup artist, Liz Magpantay, that sells very very good fake MAC. What I mean by very good is that she got MAC replicas that almost look like the authentic one. BUT with the help of kind people/beauty bloggers, observation and research, I noticed some flaws and differences of the items I bought from her when I compared them with the real one. But really, it was hard to spot. Looks like fake MAC sellers gets better and better in faking. You really need a good eye to spot them. Worst, she sells/priced her items like an authentic MAC.

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