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hey girlies, im sure theres loads of posts on this already but ive just got a few questions about the mac pro store in london!
firstly where is it? and wheres the nearest tube station to the store?
and also do they stock the regular line of makeup as well as pro products? and do they stock the regular line eye shadows in pro pan as well as the pro eye shadows in pro pan?
thanks in advance!


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I'm sure one of the London girls will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming that although the store seems to have moved slightly, it's still on Fouberts Place? The nearest tube stop is Oxford Circus, though Piccadilly Circus is close as well. Either way, just head up or down Regent Street until you get to Fouberts Place and there you go. You can also get to it very easily from Carnaby Street.

They have the regular line plus pro products and you can buy regular and pro eyeshadows in pots or pro pans.


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Nearest tube is Oxford Circus, then you need to head to Carnaby Street as MAC is on Fouberts Place which is just adjoining it. Really easy to find!

They stock the regular line and pro products, and yep they sell pro pans and usual pots I think.

EDIT: Sorry must of been typing at the same time!


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I'm a complete idiot when it comes to finding places, but I found it easily from Carnaby Street... just wander up Carnaby Street from Oxford Circus, and Fouberts Place is on your left, you'll be able to see the MAC sign from Carnaby Street, however when I was there two weeks ago the Pro Store was in a temporary site as they were being re-fitted, but there was a map at the old site and it was only a two minute walk


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Nearest tube station - Oxford Circus. When you're actually in the station, look for the sign that says 'exit via Argyll Street', and exit that way, walk down Argyll Street. Turn left at the bottom of Argyll Street, theres a zebra crossing or whatever its called, cross that, go to the left slightly and then the big street on the right is Carnaby Street, and not so far down there on the left is Fouberts Place and its just up there on your right!

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