MAC Quads


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I have:

Colour Scheme 1
Tempt Me
Inventive Eyes
Amazon Eyes
Liza AM
Take Wing Eyes
Free To Be
Perverted Pearl
Sultress Eyes


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4 Sweetie Cakes
Pandamonium (Dislike this one. =/ Violet Trance does NOT look good on me.)
Take Wing

I really want the Boy Beauty and the Perverted Pearl quads.

And I also made my own, with my favorite colors:
Nylon (for highlight)
Expresso (for brows)
Gesso (for eyelid)
Black Tied (for crease)
Makes my favorite look! =D


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well plumed

showflower was the only one i wanted to get my hands on, and i just got it in a swap a few days ago.


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Well Plumed
Sweetie Cakes
Sultress Eyes
Amazon Eyes
Fafi 1
Fafi 2
Smoking Eyes (I think thats the name - it's from the Smoke Signals Collection)


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I collect these so I have lots!

Sweetie Cake
Boy Beauty
Take Wing
Well Plumed
Corps de Couleur
Dollymix [asian exclusive]
Showflower [Nordstrom exclusive]
Gentle Fume Eyes
Smoking Eyes
Fafi Quad 1
Fafi Quad 2
Heatherette Trios 1&2


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Addicted to collecting quad and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I have:

Perverted Pearl 2002
Denim dish 1 2002
Denim dish 2 2002
Colour scheme 1 2003
Colour scheme 2 2003
Colour scheme 3 2003
Liza AM 2003
Liza PM 2003
Chromezone 1 2004
Chromezone 2 2004
Chromezone 3 2004
Tease me 2004
Tempt me 2004
Sweet tea 2004 (high tea)
Fluftterfly 2005 (asia le)
Diana eyes 1 2005
Diana eyes 2 2005
Beau 2005
Inventive eyes 2005 (naturally eccentric)
Free to be eyes 2005 (naturally eccentric)
Boudoir Hues 2005 (lingerie)
Thunder Eyes (icon eyes 2006)
Laze Eyes (icon eyes 2006)
Flowering 2006 (asia le)
Sweetie Cake 2006
4 Boy Beauty 2006
Summerwear 2006 (Sundressing)
Well Plumed 2006 (Untamed)
Take Wing 2006 (Untamed)
Corps De Couleur 2006 (Danse)
Sultress Eyes 2007 (icon eyes)
Amazon Eyes 2007 (icon eyes)
Dolly Mix 2007 (Barbie Loves Mac)
Pandamonium Eyes 2007 (balloonacy)
Showflower 2007 (strange hybrid)
Smoking Eyes 2007 (smoke signals)
Gentle Fumes 2007 (smoke signals)
Fafi Eyes 1 2008 (Fafi)
Fafi Eyes 2 2008 (Fafi)

I'm missing only the earliest quads and Hipnotique because I already had all four shades. I've recently depanned some shades because I can only stand so many Perverted Pearl or Showstopper.
I live in Italy where we don't usually get Macy's or Nordstrom (or Asia LE) and getting some quads was quite difficult but it only made me appreciate them a lot more.


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I have no Quads per say.. Hmmm Dont know why :p But I do have both Heatherette Trios and 2 Dress Camp Pallettes


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I have no quads, unless you count
1. Fafi 1
2. Fafi 2
3. Heatherette trio 1
4. Heatherette trio 2

I want Sweetie Cake really badddddddd


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I have a grand total of 3 quads:

Pandamonium (Balloonacy)
Smoking Eyes (Smoke Signals)
Gentle Fumes (Smoke Signals)

I love all 3 of them.

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