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I've noticed the one thing we never talk about is the perfumes that MAC has.

Does anyone like them or are they really dodgy?

I tried Dejarose which I liked but the BF said it smelt 'old'.. then today I tried one of their regular ones I can't remember which colour it was and it was really nice.



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I am very selective when it comes to MAC scents. I have Turquatic and I lovvvvvve it to death. I always get 'sniffers' when I walk by

One thing I have to note that it does not last very long, not on me at least. Maybe it's my body chemistry or maybe it's the chemistry of the perfume but it definitely doesn't have a lot of staying power on me through my 8-hour day. But this particular scent has a very pleasing cedar smell that lingers. I love this smell. It's not musky, or sweet smelling, but a woman's scent. I really can't explain it beyond that. Perfume connoisseurs probably can do way better.

I don't care for any of the other creations because they're all vanilla based.


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I love Turquatic Heat which came out at LE with the Cool Heat Collection and I need to get some more! I saw it in the CC bin but they wouldn't ship internationally


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I generally like MAC perfumes

MVII is probably my most beloved, all-time favorite perfume

My second bottle is almost finished and I've already bought my 3d one, which is really weird since I have a huge collection and I haven't finished any other perfume in years.

Anyway, I also have MV1 and MV3, which are very nice and Turquatic, which is amazing for summer! I didn't like Dejarose much but I'm looking forward to trying the two new ones in the Naked Honey collection


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to be honest I havent really looked at them... I have about 20 perfumes, and I'm trying to work my way through them before considering any more


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I normally don't go for girl's fragrances, I actually wear aftershave most of the time. I tried one of the MV's though while I was waiting at the counter the other day and it was actually really nice and unique.. can't remember what one it was though.

I can't wait for the naked honey ones to arrive to I can try those, I love anything with honey in it!

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