MAC Sponsors Fashion Week London Feb 11-16


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From GCI:

M.A.C Cosmetics announced that it will again be the official makeup sponsor of London Fashion Week, to be held February 11-16. The company stated that support of cutting edge fashion designers in the UK and London plays a vital role in its global fashion outreach.

"Fashion is part of the DNA of M.A.C; it inspires our artists and products worldwide," said Peter Lichtenthal, global general manager, M.A.C Cosmetics. "M.A.C is proud to take the lead in beauty as the official make-up sponsor of London Fashion Week, in a city that continues to play such a vital role in M.A.C's global fashion outreach."

"London has always been and will always be a showcase for originality and ingenuity," said Terry Barber, director of make-up artistry, M.A.C Cosmetics. "From the designers to the stylists and make-up artists, London still shows itself to be the epicenter of creativity in fashion."

M.A.C participates in New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, and will be supporting designers and professional make-up artists at over 150 shows in the four cities.

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