MAC Star Trek Collection (Aug 25/Sep 1, 2016)


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- 25 products (eyes, lips, face)
- exclusive one day presale at MAC Gaslamp during Comic Con an July 1

- the collection was inspired by Seven of Nine, Commander Deanna Troi, Uhura and Vina the Orion Slave Girl

The New MAC Star Trek Collection Will Take Your Beauty Game to a New Level |

Pleasure Planet (muted gold shimmer)
Khaaannnn! (berry with red reflects)
Set to Stun (light silver with gold pearl)
Warp Speed Ahead (plum with blue and pink reflects)
Each Lipglass will cost $17.00 US and $20.50 CAD

The Enemy Within (neutral gold shimmer -- frost)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (pink with gold pearl -- lustre)
Kling-It-On (deep purple with fine pink glitter -- frost)
LLAP (icy rose champagne -- frost).
Each lipstick will cost $18.50 US and $22.50 CAD

Haute & Naughty Too Black lash $23
Wink of an eye $16

Super slick eye liners $22
On the hunt (true black)
Nocturnal (bright silver pearl)
Pure Show (bright yellow gold pearl)

184 duo fibre fan brush $25
246 Synthetic fluffy eye brush $25

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer
Skin of Evil (yellowish green with black chunks -- frost)
Holla-Deck (gold sparkle -- frost) and Enterprise (silver chrome -- frost)
Each nail lacquer is priced at $14 US and $16.50 CAD

North America Exclusive
Trip the light fantastic powders
Luna Luster (sheer wash of soft rose shimmer)
Strange New Worlds (sheer wash of golden coral pearl)
Highly Illogical (sheer wash of golden plum with fine pearl)
$34 US and $39.50 CAD

Pressed Pigment eye shadows
To Boldly Go (reddish copper with sparkle -- frost)
Midnight (cobalt blue with pearl sparkle -- frost)
Bird of Prey (dark olive green with sparkle -- frost)
The Naked Time (taupe pearl with sparkle -- frost)
$23 US and $27.50 CAD.

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Dolly Snow

25 multi-product collection including Lipstick, Lipglass, Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow, and Studio Nail Lacquer from the Mac email!


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Those MSF's (Or blush or E/S or whatever it is) looks like planets, love it!


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Yes!!! I love Star Trek. I think this year is an anniversary, the 50th. This is a collection that I want one of each type of product.
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Oh wow!!! I am not one to stalk LE collections, but this will be mine mine mine!! I'll need *something*..


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Deanna Troi was a childhood idol of mine. I'm glad we got long notice on this one, I'll need to buy the entire collection.


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My inner geek cannot pass this up. Subscribed! I definitely will want that blush or MSF (whichever it is) shown in the promo pic...


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LOVE!!! Seven of Nine is one of my all-time favorite characters, I need everything in her part of the collection! Resistance is futile!


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Trying to attach this--see if it plays (or not)