MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Authentic or Fake?


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Hey Everyone!

i hope im writing in the right place if not someone could just move my post in the right place thanks.

i was just wondering if my Mac Studio Fix Fluid was authentic? Due to the Box difference and at the box front it suppose to say
Studio fix fluid Found De Teint SPF 15 but instead it says: Studio fix fluid Broad Spectrum spf 15

I bought it off ebay from a seller and there rating was good and sold alot of MAC Products and there didnt seem to be any problem until i receieved mine with different box.
Heres pictures of the product, i have a few with my old MAC Fix Fluid which i bought from a Authentic MAC Store while ago to compare it to the one i bought from ebay

Left one is from ebay & Right Side is from Authentic Mac Store


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To be honest, it looks like a fake, even the writing on the back of the box looks really shady and unlike any Mac products I have seen. I hope other people have a better idea because I could be wrong...


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I'm inclined to think it's a fake too, mostly because of the 'broad spectrum' in the name, and the thickness of the print on the front of the box.

Mine is code AC0 (bought from MAC online) and doesn't have 'broad spectrum' anywhere on it, although it has the same written on the back as the one you suspect is fake, which also has the 0 year code - none of the 'drug facts' stuff. The drug stuff is probably a more recent thing.


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yes the packaging has changed do to new FDA regulations on spf so it now has to display the facts like on the second box

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No the boxes have not changed???? Are you perhaps the eBay seller selling fakes and trying to pass it off as authentic????