MAC - Stylishly Yours - Dec '10


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Place all your Stylishly Yours swatches and product photographs in this thread - please ensure that your images are clear, in focus and as colour-accurate as possible! For the sake of clarity, I ask that official product images and swatches (those that you would find on a mailer postcard, sourced from MAC or posted on the official MAC website) are not posted in this thread.
Please remember that Specktra has a posting guideline that all posted images be no wider than 640 pixels or higher than 800 pixels - if your image is any larger than that, please make a text link to the image instead.


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Neon Orange, Something New, Cockney, Style Curve

Cream Colour Base:

Tickle Me Pink, Movie Star Red

Virgin Isle, Tickle Me Pink, Movie Star Red, Madly Magenta

Pigments: New Fixation, Follow Your Fancy

Top: Follow Your Fancy, Madly Personal
Bottom: New Fixation, Violet


Blacktrack, Dark Diversion

Blacktrack, Dark Diversion

Beauty Powders:

Too Chic, Play It Proper


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