Mac veluxe pearl fusion


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I had to eat my words regarding this compact. I went to a CCO in my area and bought the pink luxe for 28.00. The colors are so nice. I love them wet or dry. I initially, wasn't impressed with the compacts when I viewed swatches on YouTube and on beauty sites. Once, I had a chance to actually swatch this compact I fell in love in the store and couldn't wait to get home to try it out. The quality of the colors were all just what I expected from them based on their look in the compact. The price was another plus, I paid 28.00 instead of 40.00... Score, lol. Anyone else like these compacts? If so, which ones do you have?


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I love these my mom got me a few for my bday and xmas but I have Twice the dare Plumluxe Pinkluxe Smokekuxe Peachluxe And I need to get the rest of them #addicted

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