Haul... Gone Crazy!


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I "needed" some things that my local MAC Store has been out of (blush, natural msf, etc...) and then I wanted to "complete" my Danse collection. Then, I realized I forgot to get anything from C Shock... Finally, I had to get Clair de Lune eyeshadow and Cloudburst (from Pandamonium) because of the names! Clair de Lune is my favorite piano piece to play, and I've always loved clouds...

So yes, I went crazy buying all these things! I justify it by the fact that I'm not getting anything until Smoke Signals/Blue Storm comes out.

As soon as my order comes in, I'll post pictures. ^_^

Microfine Refinisher
Lightful Daily Moisturizer
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium
Powder Blush/Pro Palette Refill Pan - Dollymix
Pro Colour Palette/Blush
Pro Palette/X15 Eye Shadow
Pandamonium Eyes: 4
Moonbathe Eye Shadow - Claire De Lune
Eye Shadow - Bang on Blue
Eye Shadow - Big T
Eye Shadow - Wondergrass
Eye Shadow - Eyepopping
Eye Shadow - Fab & Flashy
Eye Shadow - Romping
Eye Shadow - Scene 1
Eye Shadow - Jete
Eye Shadow - Rite Of Spring
Pigment - Pastorale
Pigment - Aire-De-Blu
Tinted Lipglass - Pas-De-Deux
Tinted Lipglass - En Pointe
Tinted Lipglass - Corps-De-Ballet
Tinted Lipglass - Standing Ovation
Lipstick - Curtsy
Lipstick - Danse
Lipstick - Russe
Lipstick - Out To Shock
Lipstick - Blast O' Blue
Nail Lacquer - Sacred White

Oh, and last Friday I got all the MSFs and Mineralize Eye Shadows from Flashtronic... YAY!


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wow girl, you must be rich lol. thats alot of stuff, enjoy your things when they come in!


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Originally Posted by MACpro__*
wow girl, you must be rich lol.

Haha, not yet.
I'm just working full time and home for the summer from college.

I'm really anxious for the stuff, not so anxious for my bill.
I don't normally spend that much at once on make-up either, hehe.

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