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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this! But hopefully someone can help me out here.. So, prepare for a short rant. I added a girl on Facebook a while back. I don't know how she came across me, but I befriended her anyways. She invited me to 'like' a group called "Veritas Cosmetics". Today I go on there and look under a photo album called "Summer Product Alerts". Here's the link to the album...

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Now, I'm pretty DAMN sure QueenofBlending/Lauren doesn't work with them for starters. And I'm pretty sure those lashes are only made by a company in England called Luna&Curious. The others, are you FREAKING KIDDING ME. I looked at QoB's picture to see if there were any captions and it reads:

"This vibrant summer look can be created using Olive pearl eye pencil,Gold Fronts,Poolside,Romanza and Exotica eyeshadows and blush"

I'm not too fresh on ownership laws as far as pictures go used with other companies. But it's Lauren's picture 100%. I really doubt she allowed them to use her picture for their company's benefit.

I'm not sure where to start as far getting this right. Just for humor.. the frontpage of their Facebook page reads:

"Veritas - An elusive roman goddess representing truth and beauty. The "truth" in beauty."

Truth? Start with posting your own photo's. I can't stand when a company benefits from something that isn't theirs! Someone help me out please! /rant


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It looks like they're using other photos as an example.

Like, here is a look:
Here are OUR products that you can use to get the same look.

Misleading, but maybe they don't mean to be underhanded about it.

As for the lashes...

You can buy them online over email.


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perhaps you can send a facebook message to the person who made the album making them aware that perhaps they should use different wording. if nothing chages try and contact the people whose images are being used so they can perhaps get them taken down and give them permission to use them.


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that's what I was thinking.. at the time I was pretty miffed so sorry for any language. I'll definitely give it a go and see what happens!


Originally Posted by Caderas
that's what I was thinking.. at the time I was pretty miffed so sorry for any language. I'll definitely give it a go and see what happens!

Im puzzled & amazed at what you have written her my dear,unfortunately you seem to be a very big fan of Lauren's,which is very sweet & I am sure that your heart was in the right place when you wrote this & the many other posts you have plastered across the internet regarding the photos on the Veritas website & the social networks it is displayed on. As the owner of Veritas Cosmetics I assure you that ALL of the work displayed on Veritas sites & print,commercial & runway is always given proper credit. I'm not sure where or why you had the idea that anyone was "stealing" (as you put it) anyones work. Veritas Currently has 19 artists working for the company based in NYC alone & all are ALWAYS shown the proper respect & credit everywhere they are posted.

Firstly I'd like to address the issue with the lashes which you stated (on facebook as well as here) were from Luna & curious. The handcut paper lashes are an ancient chinese art form & they are designed & cut by artists at Paperself,They are then sold to many many cosmetic comapnies worldwide Veritas & Luna & Curious included. They are actually quite beautiful & I highly reccomend everyone try them if you can order more than 100 at a time Iki Chen (Owner of Paperself) will be happy to sell them to you. If you would like single set or a smaller quantity Veritas is your best bet. So you see you simply misunderstood that these products are made by a manufacturer and then sold to a wholesaler or a retailer. It is an understandable mistake if you are not familiar with cosmetic manufacturing procedures, But to call it stealing & to make statements such as "I don't think any of this makeup was done by Veritas" is ill mannered,mean spirited & quite damaging to our reputation as a company.

Secondly addressing your issue with photographs on our sites.Our artists have a very long list of Celebrity clientele & appear regularly in magazines & on television,there would be absolutely no need for any member of the Veritas family to falsely claim credit for anyone else's work at anytime.We are a small company yet have a tremendous following with professional makeup artists worldwide due to the depth of our pigments,the quality of our cosmetics & commitment to botanical ingredients in our skincare.That being said many artists agree to develop looks & create tutorials for the internet viewer using Veritas cosmetics in exchange for free cosmetics via press kit or special request through eye PR media. If you viewed our website you would notice that every look that appears "in the media" link give credit to artist,photographer,model & lists the colors & products used sometimes we even list interns,assistants or location sites.

I understand your heart may have been in the right place when you made these statements but I'd like to suggest that you do a little more research before you make any type of accusations against any companies in the future. When my asistant brought the postings to my attention I was deeply saddened & my feelings were truly hurt as I have worked with makeup my entire life & Veritas is the culmination of all of my dreams & aspirations.

I hope this posting quelled your fears & answered your questions.
Thank you to Spektra for allowing me to address this embarassing issue openly on their forums. Btw J'Adore this site its wonderful.


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I wasn't making accusations at all. I was trying to get an understanding on the situation from other people that have dealt with the same problems. I didn't know if there were any copyrights on make-up artists and companies using photo's. Sorry for making you feel like you've been attacked. It just doesn't seem right to post other's photo's that your company's artists or products haven't been used in. That's all I'm saying. I haven't been to the site since to see what you guys have been up to, but I wish you all luck in your company!!

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