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I just realized it´s available over here to, so I wanna try some of their stuff. I saw they have a great range of e/s...although not comparable to MAC ;-)

has anyone tried their Corrective Makeup-Base/brushes/loose eyeshadows? from what I saw on the website they looked like MAC Pigments

any recs are more than welcome!


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I have the turquoise loose eyeshadow powder, but I find that it creases like hell!!! the color is amazing, but it just doesn't seem to work for me.


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Their loose eye powders are ok. They're a lot more sheer than MAC pigments, though.

I've tried the corrective bases before, and those are just ok as well.

Overall, the line is decent, but the only thing that I would re-purchase would be the waterproof eye pencils.


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I bought some iridescent Star Powder in Korea a long time's kept for about six years, and it looks amazing and goes a long way. Incredibly finely milled, looks good as a highlighter, eyeshadow, et cetera. Other than that, haven't tried anything, but they have a great selection of colors.


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Star Powders (there is one in particular - #917 I think - that is a clone to MAC Maroon pigment, just a hint sheerer).


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I've used their mascara in the past. Was a lemming product on some years ago because it was one of the blackest mascaras around.

eve sh.

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Well, there is no MAC store in my country, but there is Make Up Forever store. And my friend works there, so i quess i know their products. Some are really good.
As giz2000 mentioned double-ended concealer/lip liner pencil is a miracle, i dont have it yet, but will definetly get.
Their eyeshadows are very pigmented, especially black one. And Star powders are just great. I like white frosted chamaleon like Star powders most, but want to have them all.

But the greatest thing from Make UP Forever is their Face and Body foundation. It is very sheer, may be it doesnt cover very much, but the main thing is that it stays on all the time. It also doesnt smear clothes, it just stays there you put it. And it gives a very nice glow.
Sorry my english is too poor to describe it right. So, if you have a chance just try it.
One more interesting thing Make Up Forever have is brow gel. it comes in a small tube like MACs Select cover up concealer and applies with brush. It is waterproof and has good staying power.

I dont suggest to by their lip pencils, its crap.

Hope it helps!

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I love the matte red eyeshadow (i forgot the number)! It's the only true red matte shadow I've found and I love it! Other then that, I don't have anything else from this line...


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Their lift concealer is terrific if you can find a good color. #1 was too pink on me, #2 was too yellow and dark.


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Originally Posted by Cruella
Their lift concealer is terrific if you can find a good color. #1 was too pink on me, #2 was too yellow and dark.

Have you tried #3?
I had the same problems with #1 & #2 but #3 worked great for my under eye area.

I've noticed that MUFE doesn't seem to keep their #'s in order. For instance in their Mat Velvet foundation I am a #10 (new color they came out with) but #'s 6 & 7 are much daker than 9, 10 & 11. At my lightest I am a #8 which is the lightest they have which still makes no sense about 6 & 7.
If you go to their website they have them in order by color instead of #.


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Zap2it, I will have to try that - I love everything else about the concealer but the colors - Oy!


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I love Makeup For Ever!!

I'm in Toronto for much of the summer and they have a great Make Up For Ever counter here. I've heard great things about their products and I'm a little bored with MAC, so I booked an appointment to get my face done at thier counter ($40 fee, redeemable in product). I am in love! She gave me "sunset eyes", coral-orange, gold and hot pink. She applied fake eyelashes and gave me a great tip as well:

After applying lashes and letting them dry, take the end of a pointy makeup brush (or pointy tweezers) and apply a thin layer of glue along the "seam", where the lashes meet your lid. Clean off the end of your brush and use it push down on your lid to make it "fold" over the seam of the fake lashes. (If this in unclear, let me know and I will try to explain better.) This trick made the lashes look sooo much more natural!

And for the goodies:

MUFE caters to the pro MUA and offers their blush/shadows in a palette. I purchased a quad with these colors, 58, 75, 111, & 18, 3 pinks and one orange. #75 is the brightest, prettiest, hottest pink e/s I have ever used and so wearable too! All of the colors are super vibrant and very easy to blend as well. The quad was 16.50 Canadian and the pans were 13.00 Canadian. A little more than MAC, but their pans are also 2.5 grams vs. 1.35 grams at MAC. I also purchased a Star Powder (similar to pigments) in #928, which is a pale shimmery blue, for $19.50 Canadian.

My only gripe: She used their Matte Velvet (I think that's what it's called) foundation on me, but after walking around in the city for a few hours, it looked like crap. Granted it was hot, but my Lorac foundation + blot powder holds up way better in the heat.

So I have a new obsession! The only think that sucks is that in most parts of the USA, Makeup For Ever is only available at Sephora, therefore no pans/palettes. I know there is a store in NYC and some theatrical stores in LA carry it. I highly recommend their shadows/blushes to all fans of MAC shadow!

Sorry for the long post, I'm really excited!!!


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mufe rocks! i love their stuff too


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The only product from them I've ever used is their liquid eyeliner and I adore it
It is sooo easy to apply and lasts forever and is super easy to get off - Now I want to try other stuff!


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If you get a chance, check out their shine on powders and super loose matte powders. They are made with silk, and absolutely glide over the face. I adore them. The shine on powder is something I will never ever be without. It brightens up any skin
Their star powders are a huge favorite of mine too.


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I have walked by the Montreal counter many times and tested out the products, but tbh, NOTHING grabbed me. I don't find their eyeshadow pallette interesting at all, the colours look flat to me. They did have a nice irridescent powder but it was quite pricey so I didn't buy it.

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