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Re: Make-up Store make-up?

Originally Posted by x_ladydanger
I've been a hardcore fan of Make Up Store since 2005 when I discovered it in Helsinki. They recently opened a store in London and I can't wait to go in June. The eyeshadows are to die for, they go on like a dream! I need to try more products and buy some for my kit too! Everyone should try it out, it's amazing.

I wish they sold stuff online so I could try it since apparently there aren't any stores in the US anymore


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Re: Make-up Store make-up?

gosh i've been trying to figure out if the store in denver was still there b/c the website shows it on the map still...this sucks b/c i want to try this brand too


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Re: Make-up Store make-up?

I live in Edmonton, Canada and there used to be a make up store at WEM (the big mall) and I used to buy things from there and was always impressed with the products. Then one day the make up store was gone... I wonder why it closed. And to my knowledge there are no other stores in Canada.


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Re: Make-up Store make-up?

Does anyone know if it's possible to depot Makeupstore eyeshadows? I want to depot mine, but I'm affraid I'll ruin them...


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The Makeup Store is reopening in Colorado at the ParkMeadows mall! I just heard word, so will be ordering from them soon when they open this weekend!


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Mac is of course my favorite brand,
but since I live 15 minutes from
a Make Up Store-shop, I buy a lot from them.
There´s no MAC in my town, I must order online
or go to Stockholm, which is far away...

Well, Make Up Store is a great brand.
Everyone who come across it should try it!
I highly recomend MUS!! :D

BTW, I bought an eyedust ("Moist") from their shop
today. I really love it!


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I love Make Up Store!
I agree that the quality vary, though.
The Make Up Store magazine is awesome!
I collect them. ^^
I prefer MAC, but there´s no MAC counter in Norrköping,
and Make Up Store is just 15 minutes away!


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It´s great!
I love their stuff!
The quality vary, though.
But it´s worth a try.
I highly recomend the cybershadow "Silver"
and the eyedusts "Carat" and "Hot".
Like I said;
great stuff! :D


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I love Make up store (MUS). But not all of their products. I don't like the brushes or eye primer or their cremes and such. But the shadows is god quality and i don't think the quality varies. The same goes for Face Stockholm. MAC-shadows are far more quality changing, I think. But nerver the less, my favorit brand. And yes, you can depot both MUS and Face shadows but they need much more work than MAC ones. I use a little saw and a knife and only cracked one of many. But it's easy to repress if an accident happen.


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I got the hang of depoting their eyeshadows and I find it very easy now.

First I use a knife to pick apart the bottom cover (the plastic where the sticker is glued). Afterwards I put the plastic container over a tea candle. Wait for it to melt and push gently with the knife until the pan pops out. Et voila!

I am on my way to filling my second z-palette as I keep taking advantage of their 40% off on discontinued eyeshadows and periodic 20% off for club affiliates!


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