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I ordered 3 different times from The first time I orederd it took 8 days to get to me and the pakaging was low budget. I have got better looking packages from ppl off ebay. Everything inside looked good so I ordered again twice in the same day. This was friday and I still have yet to get a confirmation email. Thier stock is going up and down and the second time I ordered literally in the time it took for me to check out 2 things were sold out. I called thier jenky c.s. and I got a recording. I know that they aren't a huge conglomerate but sheez. I have sent two emails and called everyday. I hate online shopping as it is cause but now I'm done. I am impatient BUT this is the thing... since I'm not "ballin" this paycheck if the stuff is sold out I want to know b4 flashtronic and rushmetal come out thursday so those funds can go towards some new stuff. The msf might make me overdraw my bank Anyway is anyone else having problems w/them?


No, you're not the only one. I placed an order of over $300 on 7/12, and the status is at "Verified and Awaiting Processing." I've sent a few e-mails and have yet to get a response. I don't even think they debited the funds out of my account yet. I'll be terribly upset if they cancel my order.

I've placed other orders in past, and it has taken about one week for me to receive them, but man, I feel like I'll be waiting till
to receive this one.

One thing I have about the site is when I'm ready to checkout I get some error message saying that I've exceeded maximum
of an item, but they wouldn't even let me know what item it is, so I end up having to empty the cart and refill it to find out what that item is.

! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one going through this.


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I am feeling the same way. I was going to order some foundation for my mom, but I do not feel like waiting 3 - 4 weeks. I am still waiting for items that I purchased 3 weeks ago. Plus, one of my orders was canceled that 2-219 brushes and 1-129 brush. I was totally bummed out.
I have 2 packages "chillin" in a local USPS distribution since Thursday and another order in the "Verified and Awaiting Processing" mode.
The kicker is that the place is about 30 mins from my house. I am too peeved right now. I do not understand why they cant ship UPS or Fedex straight. I am not feeling this UPS to USPS business because USPS is straight shady sometimes.

Do not even bother to call them. They do not pick up the phone or return calls. If the stuff wasn't 50%, I would not order from them.


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I have heard from several people that really is bad. i personally stick with sephora or one of the major department store sites when ordering make up online


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Originally Posted by MissChievous
I haven't ordered there but even the site looks dodgy...

The site looks fine, but the customer service is crappy, to say the least!

Finally got my stuff... never again...well never say never...


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Well, the fact that MAC does not endorse them is enough for me. I know on their website, they endorse, but I've heard nothing about, except on ebates.


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Originally Posted by AppleDiva
It is official the "Verified and Awaiting Processing" has turned into canceled.

that makes o sense they can kiss my @ss if they thik I'm going to wait 3 weeks to get an order.


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now I am pissed for real. I finally talked to someone on the phone yesterday and the guy said that the went from 100 oreders a week to 250 oreders thats why the are so behind on shipments then I checked my email this morning and this is what I got:

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am very sorry to inform you that your order can not be fulfilled due to an inventory shortage on the items you have selected. This was caused by a problem with our system that allowed some sold out products to remain visible and available for sale on our site. The problem has been rectified, but unfortunately your order is one of the affected ones.

I have had to cancel the order in our system, and your credit card has not been charged at all.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


Michelle Habkirk
Customer Care Manager

Thanks for nothing Honestly what did they think was going to happen when ur selling mac for cheaper than revlon. I am too through.


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The same exact thing happened to me. I placed an order last Monday only to receive the "unable to ship your order" email two days later & I'm TICKED. How is it that you cannot even manage your website? Stuff like this is unacceptable. I mean if it happened to a couple people, then sure I could understand but the same email I got was also addressed to about 60 other people. I have the nerve to call the customer service line and demand my items they had in stock when my order was placed. I don't care if they have to order them from MAC's website & ship them to me. UGH!


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Wow. I'm so sorry for everything you guys are going through! That really sucks. At least now people will hopefully think twice before ordering from this site..thanks for sharing your experiences


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I ordered on July 9th, got an email on the 12th apologizing that the 219 brush in my order wasn't available and I got a refund for that. But they said that the rest of my order has been shipped and I will receive a tracking number the following day. NO. The email they sent was actually CC'ed to a bunch of people. I thought that was very unprofessional because they listed a bunch of customer's emails. Never has an online business ever exposed customer's emails like that randomly. It should be kept private. The website says that my order is still processing. I'm pissed!

I'm going on vacation this Monday morning so I doubt it it'll come tomorrow. If it comes while I'm gone, I'll be pissed! Does anyone know what shipping company they use? I hope it's not going to be in front of my door for days! On the bright side, when they refunded the 219, it was supposed to only be $10 but they somehow made two refund transactions on paypal that were $10 so I got a total of $20 back which I'm happy about. I checked the details on both the refund transactions and they both mentioned the 219 brush when I only ordered 1. Heck no do I feel bad about it either. They need to be more organized if they want to run a web based business!


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Originally Posted by astronaut
I'm going on vacation this Monday morning so I doubt it it'll come tomorrow. If it comes while I'm gone, I'll be pissed! Does anyone know what shipping company they use?

They use ups to usps which is a round-about wy of shipping an item. It goes throught ups then it's transferred over to the regular post office and they are the ones that actually deliver your package.


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OOOOOOOOO im steamed...i made two orders on the 11th, never received a delivery confirmation or any email from them..then today i got a little happy cuz i saw a package..inside it was all of the FREE SAMPLE items...and the invoice only had the free items order is still "awaiting processing"...never again, i got all stupidly happy and placed these orders and to get this....whenevers somethings to good to be true...well u know the rest..

edit..7-24... i received a partial order the other is still awaiting processing


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OMG Paypal just emailed me notifying me that just sent me another partial refund for my shit. 3 more items! This is pissing me off! I ordered on the 9th! Then days later you say you don't have the 219, then today you don't have 3 more things. Which means they still haven't shipped my items! I'm going to end up getting nothing! Just refund me everything damnit!

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