Makeup Revolution London


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Has anyone heard of this brand yet?

I own the Iconic 1 and the Iconic 3 palette which I really like.
Today the I Heart Chocolate palette arrived as well as two of their single eyeshadows (Insomnia and Eden).
Can't wait to try them :D


I also bought the Iconic I and III and I like them as well. I also bought one of their blushes but I cannot remember which one right now. I only heard about them when looking for a Naked 3 dupe. I am surprised more people don't talk about them as their quality seems good and they are very inexpensive. Shipping to the US was high I think though. I have to check out their new collection, didn't know they had one!


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I've bought quite a few of the Makeup Revolution palettes, the I heart chocolate, salvation, both blusher palettes and other stuff and the quality is phenomenal! I cannot recommend this brand enough. Don't be put off by how inexpensive it is, the only cheap thing is the price!


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I own a few lipsticks and a palette (the neon one) from this brand and the quality is very good. Very happy with them :)