Makeup Storage College-Style


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Hi everyone! I recently finalized my makeup storage (for now at least) and I wanted to share it with you all!

I bought this nightstand at a local thrift store for about $15 and the pillow stored in it for $2. I live in a dorm room so I don't have a lot of room to have furniture, so I had to go a little small. Our bathroom also has no cabinets so storing makeup in there was not an option. I was storing my makeup in my work desk before I found this nightstand.

Here is a closeup of the left side of the top of the table. Here I store my brushes, mirror, skincare stuff that I don't need a sink for, and to the side is a scarf of my family's tartan because it goes very well with Sir Teddy.

Here is the right side of the table that stores my perfumes and my new Tartan Tale Book because the pictures in it are so pretty!

Since a chair doesn't fit in front of the table, I bought this pillow to sit on while I do my makeup, I love how it fits right into the bottom slot of the table so it isn't in the way.
Here is the contents of the drawer in the nightstand. I certainly don't have the biggest MAC collection on Specktra, but it's my collection and it is slowly growing on a college budget.

So this is how I store my MAC collection in limited space on a limited budget. I hope that this might help some of you who are looking for storage ideas, I love my new vanity/nightstand!


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I love it! I feel like with smaller collections, you can appreciate everything you own better. Thank you for sharing!


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looks really cute! and I totally agree with Nicala... having a smaller collection isn't so bad! You can give each product the love it deserves lol


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Very cute!
I agree with the rest of the girls. Lately Ive been buying and swapping so much I end up with stuff I dont even remember or use more than once!
I appreciated my mu more when my collection was smaller.