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Making depotted shadows look profesh!


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If you care about how the back of your depotted shadows look. I use Pro Mag magnetic tape


and a circle hole punch for scrapbooking to make the magnet.


Then I put the magnet on the back and for the label I peel the name sticker off the box the shadow came in and stick that onto the magnet.


Pro Pan VS depotted

I think they look great. <3


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This is basically how I do it...Except I buy the already circular cut sticky magnets from Michaels.
Then, I use my flat iron to barely heat the sticker label on the back of the shadow so it lifts off easily and then I stick it on the back over the magnet. The larger stickers are the exact size of the pan and kind of seal the magnet in.


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I never thought of using the name off the box. I always have to trim the name label from the bottom of the shadow because it's just a hair larger than the pans and doesn't look clean if I just use it as is.

I cut the circles from business card magnets because they are very thin and unlike other magnets that I tried lays as flat in the trays as the pro pans from MAC. Plus the business card magnets are already self-adhesive.


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I'm a perfectionist so when I depotted my shadows I hated that I couldn't cut them in perfect circles! I searched all over for a 1 inch scrapbook circle puncher. I finally found one and it's awesome! I use the label that is underneath the pot. I prefer the label underneath because it tells me what the finish and when it was made.

I bought the 5x7 picture magnets (self adhesive) from Walmart that cost $2.00! The business magnets were 20 bucks for a pack. The picture magnets were strong and thin enough so I'm pretty satisfied.


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Great idea. I am now officially KICKING myself for throwing out my boxes last week. I KNEW they would come in handy!!! How is it in life you always say no no I need this i wont throw it away it will come in handy. and then finally when you want it to come in handy you have decided to chuck stuff out! lol. That's okay though I can always peel the sticker off the back of the plastic thing. Thanks for sharing this! I am a neat freak and I think it's a great idea!!