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Does anyone know of a dupe for masque lipstick? It doesn't have to be MAC. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Bumping because i am about half way through this great colour and worried that i will run out. But there doesn't seem to be a dupe for it since I did a search and noticed a couple people have asked this question and no one has any suggestions. Hope they re-release this colour!


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I *think* bunny bunny bunny suggested a mix of myth and viva glam II? or was it fleshpot? i can't remember, but viva glam II with one of those.

I have been searching for a decent priced one of these, it's so hard to find! so hopefully you can make your own w/ a combo


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Our own Bunny recommended using Viva Glam II with Blankety to dupe Masque...I actually wrote it down back then, and it really does work. I love the combo =)
I found Boots' Stay Perfect Lipstick in Nude is a great dupe for Masque. I hoard my Masque l/s lol but found this color this weekend at Target.

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