matching eyeshadows


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Im so bad @ matching eyeshadows
can anyone help me kinda put some cute looks together with the shadows ive got?

heres my colors:
sushi flower
gorgeous gold
rite of spring
da bling
star violet
amber lights
beauty sleep
black tied
creme de violet
pink venus
slip pink
full flame
stars n rockets
expensive pink
french grey
electric eel

I feel so stupid asking but Ive got all this color and nothing to show for it :-/


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- Tempting on lid, with sushi flower blended round the socketline to give a soft rosy "glow", these two together give a nice soft, glowy "brown 'n pink" look with just a bit of sparkle - I wear this to work sometimes. You can do a more purplish/maivey version of the same thing using Creme de Violet in place of Sushi flower.

- A dramatic evening look: black (I use Carbon, but I bet you Black Tied looks good too) in inner and outer V, and worked into socketline, all heavily blended. Tempting in centre of lid. The contrast with the black really plays up the bronzy metallic-ness of Tempting, I call this my "Egyptian Queen" eye and wear it with just a splash of gold shimmery lipgloss, mascara, no eyeliner (there's enough black there already).

- Another dark evening look, but more of a "smoky" / rockstar look: black shadow blended right from lashline up to socketline (you want it really black: wet the shadow if desired, and it's good to use something dark like a smudge of fluidline as a base), and a purple shadow with shimmer worked across the socketline, HEAVILY blended, so it looks as though the black is fading into the purple colour.... my favourite shadow to do this with is Nocturnelle, however I've done this with heavily blended Stars 'N Rockets too for a more punky splash of hot pinky purpe and more shimmer.

- My all time favourite colour combination: gorgeous gold in inner V of eye, electric eel on the outer 2/3. It's VERY pretty and a nice strong, zingy contrast.

- Another variant on the look above, a more "graduated" yellow to blue look: electric eel on outer V, part of outer lid, worked along socket line most of the way... blended into steamy in middle of lid and next part of socket line... blended into gorgeous gold in the inner V.

- Coppering in outer V/ blended across socketline with expensive pink on lid for a warm peachy "shimmer" look.

- I've heard that expensive pink and gorgeous gold look good together, though I haven't tried that yet.....

Hope these help! I'll post more if I think of them.


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BTW I loved your "I want sushi" look I thought it was soooo cute!!!

I went to post a link to it here then realised it was you who'd actually done the look - d'oh!


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Originally Posted by Showgirl
- My all time favourite colour combination: gorgeous gold in inner V of eye, electric eel on the outer 2/3. It's VERY pretty and a nice strong, zingy contrast.

I bet that would also look good with Sushi Flower instead of Electric Eel. I do something like that with Love and Glitz by Prestige, which I think are similar to Sushi Flower and Gorgeous Gold color-wise, just judging by swatches.


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i like sushi flower over the lid, then either trax or nocturennle in the crease, highlighted with shroom, then sweep pink venus all over...

really sweet pink look

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