Matching finger nails and toe nails?


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How do you go about this? Do you use the same shade for both? will you use 2 different shades - one for hands and one for feet? I can never find my way around this! and always end up not painting my toenails because I think they might clash with my finger nails and my ourfit. I'd love to hear your input!

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It's strange but I always go with a different colour on my hands and feet. My hands tend to me more of a softer more neutral colour and my feet are always shockingly bright!

I find that nailpolish tends to chip from my fingernails very easily. Small chips on bright polish are very noticeable so I go with the more neutral tones so I don't have to do it as often. On my feet the polish lasts forever so I go all out!!

I guess it's all about personal preference though.


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i dont paint my fingernails that often bc im a biter
but when i do i usually do a solid color on my fingernails and i pretty much always french on my toes, or a dark color but i think if ur toes are french than anything can be on your nails, or just mix whatever you want anyway cause who really cares who's ever looking at your toenails and nails at the same time anyway lol


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i usually start with matching but i do not do my toes as often as my fingers so i than go for a color that is similar (for example, hot pink of toes soft pink on fingers, etc)


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I rarely ever match my fingers and toe nails, in fact, most of the time they probably clash...
My toe polish lasts forever, so I only do it every couple of weeks, but my fingernail polish gets changed every couple of days, and I can't be bothered to match it all of the time.


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I always do a dark color on my nails and even darker on my toes. Like right now I have a rich purple on nails and a blackened version of that on my toes. So I guess I'm trying to say I always do a darker version in the same color family on my toes-sorry I ramble


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Most women are wearing lighter colors on their fingers and darker on their toes. Not very many care about matching.

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I usually don't match them but I don't really care if they are complimenting or not. I change the nailpolish on my finger nails every second day but the same is not true for my toes (I change that once a week).
Also, the skin on my hands is darker and has more pink but my feet are very pale and have yellow undertones :/ so not the same colour will work for both. I'm guessing my feet are like an NC20 but my hands an!


I tend to change my nail polish every 2 weeks and my toes every month. If your feet are tan it's nice to wear light shades to really bring that out. I also find that colors that don't look so good on my hands look great on my feet! I don't think matching is very important though, because it's rare that someone notices.


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I always wear brighter colors on my toes, but it's because my hands never tend to get anything more than a few clear coats


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lol i love to match but most often i'll wear a darker shade on my toes than on my hands...right now i am soooo in love with chocolate moose by opi that i've been wearing for over a month now


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I treat them separately. It's more fun that way. I like to go bolder on toes (colors I may not be able to wear on fingers). Also french manis last so much longer on feet than hands.


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wow...I thought I was normal ..
...I HAVE to match!!! if I dont it drives me nuts! The only difference is I will french my toes and not my fingers, because the french doesnt last very long on hands.


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I am clear on the fingers or very nude and I love color on my toes...the only time they match is when I french manicure both


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I generally stick to one colour family for both fingers and toes (warm pink / coral) but that's because I think that colour family is what looks best on me, rather than because I'm trying to match. I also lean towards those colours for lips and cheeks too.. What can I say, I just love them for everything
Right now I'm wearing OPI in Royal Flush Blush.


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honestly, i think almost no one notices if they're not matching

mine's are almost always clashing... except for today lol, i have chg turned up turquoise on my hands, and chg for audrey on toes. they look cute without being too matchy matchy

i don't remember the last time i actually saw someone with the same color on their hands and toes... except for french manis


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I feel greedy, but I hate to match because I want to show off my fun pretty nail polish colors as much as possible, so I always wear two shades. I usually do a darker more intense version on my feet and something lighter or more neutral on my hands within the same range of colors or something that compliments. However, since I paint my toes every 3 weeks or so (I just touch up in between) and my fingernails stay painted for 2-4 days I sometimes choose them to compliment a certain outfit and then they might clash with the toes. However, most of the times my fingernails go unpolished and my toenails are NEVER ever unpolished- so it doesn't matter.


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well i never match my fingers and toes! and most of the time they most likely clash! i wear really bright colours on my toes that i'm not brave enough to wear on my fingers - like ruby red pumps!! and on my fingers i do wear brightsbut just not as in your face as my toes.
and like others have said i like to show off my pretty nail colours and because i have a few i like them to always be different

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