matching or mismatching stripes? help me decide :)


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i've knit this first sock. i'm calling them the 70's socks. i randomly put in the stripes. now that i'm about to start the second sock, i'm not sure if i should knit it so the stripes match on both socks? or just randomly stripe the second (in the same colours of course), so that the socks are fraternal twins rather than identical?



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oooooo that's tough! the OCD in me says identical, but how fun would that be to have them mismatched! but then that would drive me nuts, but it wouldn't be that fun.

i didn't help any, did i


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thanks everyone

i decided to go with matching. my first pair of identical socks in a while! too bad i made them for Etsy, cuz my hubby is doing a lot of hinting about this pair... lol.


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