Matte shadows and Revlon ColorStay.


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Two questions for all you lovelies.

How do you go about making matte shadows shimmery? I recently bought MAC shadows in Chrome Yellow, Orange, and Passionate in hopes of doing a sunset/rainbow look but I wanted to make it a little shimmery. Any ideas for me?

Second, I really want to try out Revlon's ColorStay foundation but I'm not sure what shade to choose. I'm an NC20 in MAC's Mineralize Satinfinish.


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When I want a sheer and pretty shimmer over top of an eyeshadow I always reach for PureLuxe's "Pure Shimmers"...usually in Glass Slipper. It's worth trying for $1.50/per sample and they have a golden, hotpink, even more diamond-y like, etc. I suppose any kind of translucent shimmer would work but that's what I love and have had no problem with it staying put!

This is what it says on the site about them:
Pure shimmers are 100% mica. These shimmers have no base color, they are ALL flash and glimmer.
Pure shimmers have a multitude of uses!
This is NOT your normal teenage glitter that leaves you looking like a disco ball!
Very adult, very sexy!
Add to you favorite shadow, blush, and lip color for added shimmer. Add to your body lotion and apply to add stunning highlights. Add to hair gel and apply, or sprinkle into you hair brush, brush through, and spray with hairspray to hold shimmers in.
It's uses are only limited by your imagination!


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Two Faced First Base is a cream eyeshadow base with shimmer, and what ever shadow you put on top of it will have shimmer. It also makes the colours brighter and they will wear longer on the lids. (I found this product so far more superior than UDPP!!!)


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Thanks girls. I'll look into those suggestions! I do use Bare Study as a base most of the time so that might help me a bit.


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If you want them to shine, dab some Vaseline on top- just a dab though! You could also dab on some sort of cream- anything sticky really and lightly brush on some Reflects Gold- oooh... that would be pretty


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my shadows become shimmery when i brush lightly with shroom e/s. only a light tap though