Maybelline Mineral Make Up?


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I tried the liquid and really liked it! Sheer coverage that can be built up a little more but not too much. I'd say sheer to barely medium coverage, at least IMO, but I love that about it! Plus I love the color selections.


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I use liquid and like it a lot...
Didn't break me out or anything like that.


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I tried the Mineral Power cream concealer and it worked pretty well until i started breaking out like crazy after about two weeks. I would get those big red pimples under my chin and on my forehead. Definitely stopped using it. But here's a very interesting article on it.
Maybelline Mineral Makeup Review


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I haven't tried it, but it's not really "minerals". There is talc and a whole bunch of other crap that regular make-up has.


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I love Maybelline Mineral Power!! I have the pressed powder, loose powder foundation, liquid foundation, blush and the concealer. They even have the lipstick as well.

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