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I had to request the shipping refund as well. They did it, but it made me feel like they were doing me a favor.

They told me they could put me on a list to get the palette in the spring. No thanks. How about keep some aside for replacements when your garbage packaging fails? There was tissue paper all on one side of the box, so the palette in a very thin, useless bubble wrap was hitting the other side of the box the entire time. It's not rocket surgery. I don't know why so many companies have trouble understanding how to keep their products safe during shipment.

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you're not the only one that complained about the shipping issue so I hope they take some action. just look at colourpop they always package everything very carefully even though they are a "budget-friendly" brand. I want the gemini palette too because I've been waiting for these type of colors to come out but I will get it from Frends beauty hopefully they ship more carefully

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