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Metallic cat eyes


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I know that many of you prefer makeup in natural colours, so here's a tutorial for sharp cat eyes with a hot metallic finish. I hope you'll like it!


1. Apply a primer on your eye area. Today I started off with my brows done, which is quite unusual. They're filled in with MAC Eyeshadow - Mystery.


2. Apply a shimmery golden brown shadow on the lid. MAD Minerals - Evocative.


3. And a darker one on the outer half of the lid. Blend the edge between the shadows. MAD Minerals - Topaz Sun.


4. Now blend the shadows out upwards. We don't want any harsh edges!


5 Now pick a dark brown shadow that you apply only at the outer edge of the lid. This creates a dramatic cat eye effect! Lily Lolo - Moonlight.


6. Apply a highlighter underneath the brow and blend it down into the shadows on the lid. This makes the transition from the lid shadows even nicer. Because I love extra everything I applied a shimmery shadow here too, but a matte one works just as well if you feel like toning it down a bit. MAC Eyeshadow - Shroom.


7. Now pick up your darkest shadow again and smudge it into both the top- and bottom lashline.


8. Time for liner! Create a fat wing on the top lid with liquid liner, extend it sideways to give it even more of a cat feel. I lined my waterline with a black kohl to make the eyes more intense.


9. Highlight the inner corner of your eye, again with Shroom. Apply lots of mascara! Maybelline Define-a-Lash Volume.


10. So what should we match the eyes with?
Cheeks: Benefit - One Hot Minute for some bronze glow. No blush this time.
Lips: NYX Round Lipstick - Narcissus with NYX Round Lipgloss - Real Nude on top.
Nails: China Glaze - Short & Sassy
And we're done!



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Wow, I love it :) You're so skilled!

I'd like to try this myself but I don't have access to MAD make up, what MAC eyeshadows could compare to the colours you're using?


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This is absolutely stunning. I'm definitely going to try this today. Your blending skills are admirable- everything fades perfectly together into a beautiful gold gradient.

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