Mickey tries a dark look


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Hi girls! Today I tried for a dark look, with really dark red lips and plum eyes. I'm always looking out for ways to do more dramatic makeup, and this captures more of what I was going for last time. It ended up reminding me of some of ashley_v85's looks. For my face I used Covergirl Trublend in classic ivory, Maybelline translucent fair powder, Maybelline sweetheart rose blush, and some brown shadow for contouring. I used Covergirl shimmering onyx and aubergine queen for my eyes, lining them with Milani glitter glamour bronze beauty glitter liner on top and Too Faced Lavagloss super black eyeliner on bottom. I tried out Maybelline great lash blackest black mascara because I heard it was good. I didn't like it quite as much as my usual Telescopic mascara. I used Covergirl soft brown brow liner on my brows. Finally, I used MAC Whirl lipliner and Milani redwood lipgloss on my lips. Hopefully I can get some more bold lipcolors soon.

Thanks for looking! *hugs*





A silly look to finish it off


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I am loving the eyes on this look- but i think the lips are a bit much- it looks sort of gothic together. I would go with something more matte and neutral. Great job otherwise!


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I can't believe you used sponges and not brushes 0_0 In addition to drugstore eyeshadow!


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I think the MU application looks great,.. but I must say I like the lighter colors on you with your particular skin tone. I just can't believe how far along you have come in such a short time! keep up the wonderful FOTD's!


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That looks amazing! The lip color is perfect on you, and the eyes are fantastic with the glitter liner. Love it!!!


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It's nice to see you experimenting! I like the touch of glitter but I'm not too crazy about the shape.