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Milani Depotting Tutorial


i tried putting my fisrt milani e/s into the oven and the plastic melted, lol....so i tried doing it w/o the oven on my 2nd e/s, i just push the back very hard with my milani facing down and it worked!!


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I depotted one Milani this morning using a flat iron and 2 sheets of greaseproof paper. Turn the e/s upside down on top of greaseproof paper, place another sheet on top then press down with hot iron until plastic melts slightly, then push out.


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niceee! great tutorial!


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Ohhh thank you soooooo much!I finally depotted my Milani eyeshadows and blushes easily and without ruining them!


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Finally learned how to depot my Milani eyeshadows

Thanks for this tutorial!! I just love looking at my depotted Milani e/s in my MAC palette. Need to buy 6 more Milani e/s so I can fill the palette up


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this worked great! thank you so much for the info! i've been dying to depot these shadows forever!


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OMG I wwas depotting my Milani eyeshadows yesterday and I thought o doing the exact same thing with the pushpin..but I was scared because I thought I would brak the eyeshadow...so I ended up using a blowdryer and a knife..well, I broke the tip of the knife and one of my eyeshadows ended up breaking anyways...hahaha. Oh well.


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Thanks so much for this method! It sounds really good.
By the way, what color Milani do you have in the picture? How does it look? Is it close to any Mac eyeshadow color? Thx.


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This might be a really silly question but once you heat up whatever e/s you're depotting how do you guys get the extra glue off the pan? So far I've only depotted one e/s but I found it really hard to get rid of the glue (I certainly don't want my depotted e/s to be glued to the palette!) since there was lots and lots of it :confused: Help!


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Originally Posted by mel0622
omg that is waaaaay easier than burning it!!! now my mom wont get mad at me for burning the fork!! thanks for sharing!

haha... thanks that looks soooo easy!


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Thanks heaps, awesome idea - I was going to use a candle to burn mine out - this is so much better


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Ouchie, my fingers hurt. lol. The pushpin didn't work (might have been too short), so I used a paperclip and had to push really hard to get my Milani Storm out. It worked and now it's in a palette. That was easy! Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks for the tutorial.. I wasn't sure if I would be able to depot them without damaging them... but this method seems great!


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oh gosh thanks so much..ive been able to almost fill up my 15 pallette now
im debating if just using the mac equivalent name or not ll