Mineralize Skinfinish...which brush do you use?


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Hello I'm a newbie....I'm not sure if this question has been asked already...but I was wondering what is the best brush for applying MSF? I've seen people mentioning the 187...how about the other powder brushes?


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The 134... it's also the re-promote for Flashtronic. Very fluffy and spreads evenly.

If I want to use an MSF all over vs. cheeks, I use the Clinique Bronzer/Blusher brush.


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i think it really depends what msf you're using and what you're using if for.

i use the msf natural as a contour color and apply it with the 186 in the hollows of my cheeks and with the 109 around my temples and jawline.

for the more colorful LE msf, i either use the 187 if i want a subtle glow of color on my cheeks or the 116 if i want a bit more intense color.

i personally don't really like the 134. it's pretty big, and thus good if you want an all-over dusting of product. for me, i needed a more controlled application for the flashtronic msfs or i just end up with a face full of shimmer.

hope that helps!


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187 most of the time. but when I want to emphasize the pigmentation on my skin, I use a blush brush which is full and dense.

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