Modern Marie Antoinette

Sexy Sadie

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My blend of mix 40/60 Bedhead Glamma Whipped #1 and Manic Panic Dreamtone in White on a cd that function as a palette.
Consealer in green and lightbeige is already set on skin. Here I use Bedhead Wipe out consealer in Light and Artdeco in green. Just a little bit more of the white foundation than usuall.

Cheeck: Tikei Minerals eyeshadoe Rainbow Red.

Eyes: artdeco eyeshadow base. Tikey Minerals Rainbow Green and Tikei Minerals Gothic (The eye shadows). Lancome Noir pencil on the waterline and Masterpiece Max mascara in black.

Lips: Artdeco eyeshadow base and then Bedhead Cosmetics lipstick in "Luxury".





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Love the green e/s with your dark hair!
I would just suggest cleaning up the eyes a little bit, and defining the lips to give it a finished look.
Also, if you shaped your brows a bit and filled them in your eyes would be much more defined and fierce.
Great look though =]


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Love your eyeshadow color... it reminds me of Princess Jasmine. Also wow, your eyes are one of the prettiest shades of blues I've ever seen.


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only one thing maybe you can try it out next time
i miss a color in your inner color. just a light color so you dont see the skin in that area gives a more finished look
and maybe a highlighter! But what a pretty green color!


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what a pretty look! the green colour is drool worthy!

i think maybe adding a matte or satin finish shadow to your brow bone would really finish the look off. and maybe some lip liner which such dramatic lips to stop it bleeding throughout the day!

love the look though - it reminded me of apples - bright green!