Moisturizer recommendations for acne-prone dry skin


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Ahh.....I feel your pain on the breaking out at 24...well in 2 months, but I'm pretty sure my skin wont magically grow out of it in that period of time.

I use Dove Sensitive skin facial lotion and it causes me no problems.


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shisedo pureness range is good


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physician's formula makes an organic tinted moisturizer. for acne prone skin, you can't go wrong with natural ingredients.


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A lotion (not cream) with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is an exfoliant as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. Make sure you exfoliate the whole face, including your nose, with a wash cloth or soft facial brush -gentley. Exfoliation prevents blackheads and whiteheads. Use non comedogenic products as well. Skin that produces oil doesn't need more oil. Moisturizers only mimic natural skin oil by lubricating the skin, they do not prevent aging of the skin-and the extra moisture can sometimes clog pores.


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I have similar skin to you, mine is super sensitive, and acne prone. Because of the sensitivity I can not use products from Clinique's acne line because the acid in it dries out my skin and I get itchy red rashes. Because it is acne prone many moisturizers make me break out , it gets very frustrating. So a few months ago I found my miracle products- LUSH's facial care line. I have never gotten a breakout from any of their products. My fav. face lotion is cosmetic lad, but I have tried others and never had any pimples, or any itchy reactions. They have cleansers and toners too that are great for sensitive-acne prone skin. Try their facial cleansing bars- they are so great!


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Originally Posted by Hilly
Clinique makes an Acne Solutions moisturizer that is da bomb. It has salycilic acid yet it is pretty gentle.

Yes!!! Me too! I have never in my life EVER started getting zits up until the last 6 months, or so. It started getting really bad when I was moving out of the country, and stressed all the time. I started using the whole Clinique Acne Solutions line, and it has been a miracle! I highly recommend!


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Originally Posted by mollythedolly

At first, I LOVED it. I ADORED it. Then I ran out (Yes, of the entire cup. It took FOREVER but I emptied it out.) I just started to substitute with my Olay Complete and it cleared out my skin.

It has Macadamia Nut Oil, which cloggled my pores.

And Olay has SPF, and they sell a sensitive skin one.

i kno me too


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I kind of have the same problem. Pretty oily T-zone are and dry patches all over my skin. But this year I am starting to use Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer w/ SPF 15. It's really light and my T-zone doesn't get that oily. When I used to use other daily moisturizers like Borlind of Germany, it always made my face feel oily during the summer (now I use it during the winter). As night moisturizer, I use Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream. It's awesome because it makes me skin super soft, and it doesn't contain any oils. PERFECT for combination skin. I would say the best thing to do is to fill out their online questionaire and then a couple of days later, they will have a rep contact you to ask you some questions about your skin...and send you a sample kit! Hope that helped!


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DDF Ultra Light Moisturizing Dew! Makes my skin super fresh and hydrated for daytime use. Light enough for acne-prone skin, but still hydrating.

At night I use Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. It's also super hydrating but light and works double time to get rid of hyper-pigmentation caused by blemishes!


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I just started using CO Bigelow Extra-Light Oil-Free Face Lotion and it's wonderful! It's non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, fragrance-free, not tested on animals and it mattefies.
It makes my crazy oily skin behave so far, and at Bath and Body Works the small bottles of it (originally $12) are 75% off right now

It doesn't have any sunscreen though, so I just use it at night.


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Originally Posted by kalikana
Have you tried Cetaphil? That's what my dermatologist recommended to me.

this is THE best moisturizer i have ever used, my derm also recommended it to me. I'm not a fan of of Clinque's line, except their all about eyes.


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I have dry skin with a somewhat oily t-zone, hormone- and stress-related acne and that flaking, but blackhead-riddled nose problem, too. I used to have oily/combination skin when I was younger and used harsh products for oily skin with no problem at all, but I became both significantly drier, more sensitive and more acne-prone around 25. I couldn't deal with it at all at first, everything that used to work against my acne made the rest of my skin dry, itchy and flakey with horrible dry spots popping up everywhere, along with even more acne.

It became better first when I started treating my skin as dry, not acne-prone; that made the acne go down significantly, too. I wash with a simple, pharmacy brand cleansing lotion for dry skin (or MAC Cleanse Off Oil when I can afford it, it's great stuff for dry/combo skin), rinse with water and moisturize with Eucerin 5% Urea Cream for very dry skin - it's rich and very, very hydrating, but not at all heavy or greasy. Regular use makes my skin behave more like normal/combination skin than dry skin, no dry spots other than in extremely dry and cold winter weather, and makes it possible for me to treat the acne. I don't know what I'd do without it.

I think the nose flakies could be seborrhea rather than dryness, though. I did some experimenting and noticed that they would disappear if I rinsed off my cleansing lotion with water twice a day, but got worse when I babied my skin and rinsed with water as little as possible, which points to it being caused by something other than dehydration, at least for me.


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i have similar dry acne prone skin. i just bought korres yogurt mousturizer and iLOVE it! it also made my skin way less red!


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Half the problem is that most foundations and moisturisers can't claim to be non-comedogenic. Those that are don't clog your pores which means break-outs can become a thing of the past!

I have combination skin and my chin used to get spots all the time (I'm 23)
and when I began to use a non-comedogenic range my skin rarely, if ever breaks out now!... She says... I have a painful spot beneath my lip at the moment but that's just because I've been poorly (or if I have too much chocolate - I don't care what scientists say, chocolate as much as I love it, often brings me out!)

Anyways I digress... Try looking for non-comedogenic in future it might help you out!



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Purpose makes a good non-comodogenic moisturizer with SPF (can't remember if it's SPF 15 or 30). NEED to have that sun protection - it's a big cause of irritation and keeps the acne goin... They also have a forumla that reduces redness... and by reduces redness I really mean it conceals it a bit... The moisturizer is tinted green
I don't have acne but I can tell you that it helped tremendously for my ex would had a bad case.


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Olay 7-in-1 Mature Skin Therapy...... and I'm only 23! I have dry, dry skin and am very acne prone (love the cystic acne!) and this hasn't caused any problems.... and has been wonderful in the cold, dry Canadian winter. HTH!

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