Mom! I'm on magazine!!!! add 1 makeover look


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hey ladies, I had a photoshoot for LUX shampoo ad a month ago, and I saw the ad on the magazine

I totally love the look MA gave me, share with u

here's the ad on magazine

and here's what I did for a dancer
she's a single eyelid girl

what I use
[face & cheek]
MUFE face & body #20 & 6
MUFE HD liquid foundation #115
MUFE loose powder
MAC blush #prism
MUFE DUO shader

[eye & brow]
Dior eye show cream e/s #pop aquadelic
MAC pig #blue
MAC glitter #jewelmarine
Maybelline e/l gel #black
Ardell lashes #113
Elise lashes
Shiseido Elixir brow pencil #br751

MAC l/s #fanfare
MAC l/g

hope u'll like the 2 look


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Oh wow, congratulations!

Yeah, I'm a single-eyelid girl too, and I don't like it! I can never quite figure out how to apply e/s onto myself.


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You both look gorgeous! You and the Dancer

Glad to see you posting again, I miss your FOTD's!!!


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Your hair is AWESOME!! I love your skin, it's so flawless... and you are so gorgeous... Ah!! ;D


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your hair is so pretty and the glitter makeup is pretty!

LUX is a popular hair care brand in Asia I think... I even saw Catherine Zeta Jones advertise for them... I think?


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you are so beautiful as always!! Do you know what they used for your foundation/powder or did you do that yourself?? It looks so flawless!!

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