Montreal girls! Makeup lines near you


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I don't know how many other Specktra gals are Montrealers [
]or if you all already know about this place, but since there's no bloody Sephora here, I figured it's worth passing on the info...

There's this store on Greene called S/he & Co. I discovered it a couple of years ago but I haven't been there in awhile. Anyway, I popped in today to pick up some Kiehl's stuff, and they had a bunch of new lines: Kevyn Aucoin (!!), Eyeko, Ecco Bella, Fresh, Tina Earnshaw.

They've also got Bliss Labs, Philosophy, Valmont, a few TheBalm products, Dirty Girl and a bunch of other haircare products, etc. They used to carry Body & Soul, Paula Dorf and DuWop but I didn't see any this time, and their Chanel stuff is gone too...


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Its really a shame we dont have a Sephora store in Montreal.
But anywhoo,do you by any chance have the address to this store your talking about??I'd love to go.


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I love s\he & co, the minute i found out they had kevyn aucoin, I was there the next day!
For alot of my makeup, I go to studio makijaz in the plateau area, I get alot of awesome products their, and they offer a discount to professional makeup artists.
heres their website, it doesnt show much, you really have to go to the store,

I think we are supposed to be getting a sephora sometime soon, we finally got H&M so im pretty sure sephora is on its way.