More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys!


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This was yesterday night. My friend invited me to her friend's birthday party... Obviously their "theme" was "rock star" so I decided to spike my hair! Needless to say every other girl at that party wanted to be "cute punk" with their Pompador and I was the only girl with a hawk. It was SO fun! Enjoy the pictures.



My friend & I.

And pictures of my hawk...




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I used this spiking glue. OMG that thing was SO sticky it hurt when I put it up, no joke!

For eyes I used: bare canvas paint, nylon as a highlight, electra inner corners, aquadisiac for the rest, sue devitt for waterline.

Cheeks: dollymix

Lips: girl about town

I was so waiting to do this to my hair! I actually only stayed at the party for about, maybe, at most 2 hours. I had to go early cause my husband has a real estate crash course this weekend so he had to wake up early. Plus, our kids - which we actually didn't even pick up from my in-laws house! haha Anyways, I totally LOVED my hawk. haha I'm so proud of it! :p