More repackaging and other maladies (About Face/TheSheSpace)


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Didn't Heather say she doesn't use clay at all in her pigments though? I seem to remember her saying explicitly that she doesn't, though I can't seem to find that statement on the site anymore.

Yeah, she swore up and down on that too, but I've seen more than one person say she must use kaolin after they tried foiling the shadows and they turned to mud.

I gave most of the ones I had away, since I had never opened them or anything, but the few shades I kept probably don't have kaolin; a bunch of the ones I gave away probably do, they were so friggin bleh pastel it was nuts.


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Loved TSS products! But you are all correct, I have found the same issues and Heather hasn't been very helpful or kind. I can get the same colors at other places for alot cheaper and in better packaging. No wonder the company failed!