Morning After Pill Side Effects?


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**Warning: May be graphic, but I'm not sure how else to say it**

About 8 days ago my boyfriend and I had sex, and the condom fell off inside of me. He said he didn't cum, but I decided to take the morning after pill (Next Choice) just to be safe. I wasn't able to get the pills until Monday morning, about 32 hours later, but I felt fairly safe considering I was well within the 72 hours. The first day I had very few side effects, only mild nausea about an hour after taking the pills. The next couple of days I experienced mild cramping but nothing severe, and within a few days after that everything was back to normal.

The last 2 days I have been experiencing brown discharge and a little bit of cramping. It has been exactly one week today since I took the pills. The doctor told me that I could expect an irregular period and spotting, but I'm concerned that this could be implantation bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this effect after taking the morning after pill? I'm due to have my period in about 2 weeks. Should I just wait the two weeks and see what happens before taking a pregnancy test, or should I go ahead and schedule a doctors appointment now?

I appreciate any help.


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I am not sure if the doctor can do anything aside from the morning after pill.

I experienced nausea, headache, cramping, depression and uncontrollable crying when I took it, but no discharge (although that's common). It worked for me the two times we had a condom shatter.

I'm sorry you're going through this --- I know the wait is excruciating.


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Your symptoms seem perfectly in line with the Morning After pill. I'd say you should only worry if you miss a period...but even then, if you keep stressing, that could cause you to miss one.


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Well if your period is due in 2 weeks I would assume that your ovulation time is around its peak right now. I would've gone to get the morning after pill RIGHT after it happened if it were me - a sperm can reach an egg well within 32 hours. You'll have to wait regardless...but I wouldn't worry too much.

I had the same side effects minus the discharge and I've taken the morning after pill 3 times within 9 years.

I wouldn't schedule an appointment or take a pregnancy test until your period is due. Your HCG levels will start to raise within the first week of pregnancy and then double in the coming weeks. I wouldn't test with an at home urine test though - I'd go in for a blood test to be 100%.


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I spot bleed sometimes when I ovulate normally, it's a brownish bloody discharge as you've described. I would not suspect you were pregnant at all, I would more likely suspect that your hormones got a little weirded out, and so your body is having a little bit of a different ovulation time is all.

Don't stress too much, or you won't get your period, I know that it's hard and very easy to worry! However, from everything you've said I would not think at all that you are pregnant. The morning after pill is designed for just this scenario, and you're well within the time period. I'll think good thoughts for you hon, and hope that things don't get too stressful for you for the next couple of weeks.


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All of these side effects are normal,with my experience I also got some spotting. but my period also came later. so dont worry too too much if you dont get your period right away.


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yup, i have had a condom tear while in me a couple of times, and i have got the morning after pill also. all the symptoms you have had were the exact same ones i had. so try not to stress

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