Mother's Day Recommendations


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That's my mom. She's the best person ever. I'm posting because, for mother's day, I want to get her pampering things she'd never buy herself. She buys herself only drugstore lipstick, and she worships things that are 99 cents. I want to get her at least one MAC lipstick, and would love suggestions. She usually likes pinks only, so my first choice was bombshell, as it's her type, but I'd like to get her something else that compliments her face more. Any other ideas? She hates anything dark.

Also, I want to get her OPI nail polish. More pink, everything disgustingly pink.


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for OPI I'd recc the Passion colour, it's like the perfect shade of ballet slipper bink, it's my HG
Can't help you on the lipstick as I don't really wear any...


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What about some blush to warm up her face a bit?
Find a product that will accentuate her best features.


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Aawww Happy Mother's Day to your mom, & what a special daughter she has
I'm sure she'd love whatever you gave her, because it's from *you*

xx CherylFath


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Angel and Syrup are great lippies, but also Long Stem Rose. My mom is the exact same way, and she seemed to like the slimshines more as they weren't as "thick" as lipsticks. I'm slowly getting her on the good stuff

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