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Comedy: Dodgeball
Romatic Comedy: 50 First Dates/The Wedding Singer
Animated: Disneys Sword in the Stone
Musical: The Sound of Music
Horror: Don't like horror movies
Action: Kill Bill/ Fight Club/ Die Hard
Sci-Fi: I:Robot
Drama: Pay it Forward


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Comedy: Dumb & Dumber

Romatic Comedy: The Sweetest Thing

Animated: Wallace & Gromit

Musical: Grease

Horror: The Devils Rejects

Action: MI2

Sci-Fi: Serenity

Drama: The Virgin Suicides


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Comedy: Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Les Visiteurs, Bedazzled (original 1967 version with Dudley Moore & Peter Cook)
Romantic Comedy: Four Weddings & a Funeral, or even A Fish Called Wanda
Animated: Mononoke Hime
Musical: My Fair Lady
Horror: probably the Japanese Ring series & anything with haunted ships - air or sea!
Action: Equilibrium
Sci-Fi: Because Equilibrium is sci-fi, I'll say my fave 'SF' (speculative fiction - fantasy and other things): probably Ladyhawke, Fellowship of the Ring
Drama: The Seventh Seal (not purely drama), The Virgin Suicides


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Comedy: Office Space and High Fidelity

Romantic Comedy: Hrm. Does Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind count?

Animated: Lady & the Tramp

Musical: The Muppet Movie

Horror: Little Shop of Horrors

Action: Clash of the Titans

Sci-Fi: Donnie Darko

Drama: Elizabeth


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Comedy: Tommy Boy
Romatic Comedy: Four Weddings & A Funeral
Animated: Yellow Submarine
Musical: Sound of Music
Horror: The Exorcist
Action: Mad Max
Sci-Fi: Alien
Drama: Schindler's List


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Comedy: Be Cool or Old School
Romatic Comedy: The Sweetest Thing
Animated: The Little Mermaid...always
Musical: None, sorry...Rent, probably, once I see it
Horror: Taking Lives
Action: Kill Bill 1&2, PULP FICTION
Sci-Fi: Aeon Flux (sorry, not really into sci-fi)
Drama: Good Will Hunting
Suspense?: Usual Suspects


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Comedy: Waterboy, Princess Bride, Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Heartbreak Ridge, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (the new one).

Romatic Comedy: Chocolate.

Animated: Ice Age, anything Tim Burton, The Secret of Nhim, Jin-Roh, Ghost in the Shell.

Musical: My Fair Lady & Chicago.

Horror: Event Horizon.

Action: Unleashed, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Mad Max.

Sci-Fi: The Ninth Gate, Constantine, Fifth Element, Stargate, LOTR, Contact.

Drama: Gladiator, Hero.


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Comedy: Office Space, The Jerk
Romatic Comedy: 50 First dates
Animated: ? not sure
Musical: Chicago
Horror: The Ring
Action:Anything with Vin Deisal

Sci-Fi: Star Wars, any of them
Drama:Big Fish

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